I was trying to figure a way to help friends and family on the mainland with their computer problems without having to install anything. I figured since the majority of them are using Windows, I would try out MSN messenger and set up remote assistance. I would have tried remote desktop, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of talking them through port forwarding or anything else on their router.

I created two accounts and sent them the login information for one. We were able to get on and start the session up. Before doing this, I talked them through editing their GPO to enable, "Offer Remote Assistance" and then add a user name we created earlier together to the helpers box. We then went through the offer and acknowledge part, but were unable to get the session to work.

Does anyone know if I'm missing something here. I went through the same steps with two workstations here in Hawaii and didn't have any trouble at all. Is this a distance issue? She was running McAfee firewall and was prompted to allow application, which she did. I was thinking it could be the router firewall, if she has one, but then she probably wouldn't have gotten the prompt from her workstation's firewall.

Thanks in advance