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Thread: recover winnt server admin password

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    recover winnt server admin password

    I have been reading this post

    i've been looking for a way to crack my NT Server, because i lost his adminitrator password. This is a server that i don't touch for some time so i forgot the password.
    I have the Austrumi software, and its very good to reset administrator password, but unfortunately i don't have scsi drivers so that he can load the hard-drives. So i have downloaded some, and place them on a floppy inside a "scsi" folder, but he can't load them, or the drivers don't work, or the must be zipped.
    I have downloaded drivers for linux, since Austrumi is a linux boot disk.
    The hardware is LSI Logic Corp. LSILogic 53C1010-33

    Anyone have any idea what could i be doing wrong here?

    I have already put the drivers on /scsi/*gz but still not working... humm maybe i have downloaded the wrong drivers.
    This is very old hardware :s

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    Well NT is an easy on if you have a NT disc.

    Install another version of it on a partitioned HDD and boot into it. Or if you have NT 4 and access to another regular user account you can use this as it will be in the Everyone permission group to modify files.

    Open Explorer and browse to your original Windows NT folder, navigate to the %systemroot%\System32 sub-folder

    The locate the logon screen saver - called LOGON.SCR and rename it to something you can remeber LOGONOLD.SCR is good!

    *You may need to change the LOGON.SCR permissions so in the Security tab click Add and browse to the Everyone group. Add it and make sure you give it Full Control. Click Ok all the way out of it*

    Noe make a copy of CMD.EXE in to this folder and rename it LOGON.SCR

    Now shutdown and restart your box - you may need to go into the control pannel/system/startup and change it to boot into your old installation.

    Now boot into your original installation!

    However if you leave it at the log on prompt for 15 mins or so - instead of starting the LOGON screen saver - it will now start a command prompt - with system privilages - just type 'net user administrator 1234' - which will obviously change the admin password to 1234.

    Now go back and delete your modified LOGON.SCR and rename the LOGONOLD.SCR to LOGON.SCR! Finnito!

    **This will only work on NT or most versions 2000 boxes as MS changed the services it runs in. It think to Local Service and Network service instead of LSA!**

    Good luck!

    //O and delete the sencond installation - or format the partition to do it the quick way!
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    thanks for the reply, but i already tryit out... but i couldn't find the logon.scr .

    I have just rememberd that i already tried to recover the admin password once like this, if so, then i forgot to change the logon(what ever i called back then) to logon.scr, this could be a reason why i can't find the file :s

    I will try to change the cmd to logon.scr anyway, but it will work again.

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