I have been reading a few sections on this forum about 'assembler' language.
Its always a bit hard for me to grasp but I am determined to learn it.

The latest problem I have come up with is when I use examples in DOS , it locks up.
I read that XP DOS (the simulated DOS), does not allow you to manipulate register bits.

Im guessing this is why it kind of 'locks' up.

I have tried both versions of DOS on the computer (the one that supports long names and the older one), with the same result.

I also realise that as a novice I could crash my system using real DOS.

I have MASM which has an protection for code errors built in.

Which I will use , but after using HTML text editiors the command line is fun.

Does anyone have any ideas and advice on if I could or should try to install a DOS program that allows this or just skip this type of thing in DOS and use MASM.