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Thread: OMG - Hell must be a bit colder today - France and I agree on something.

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    OMG - Hell must be a bit colder today - France and I agree on something.

    This stems from years ago and in Paris - way before Iraq Part I and II. Parisians and I don't get along. We just don't. The city is beautiful, the art magnificient, the food and wine, amazing, but the city residents and I cannnot get along. Outside of Paris - no problem. That is for another discussion sometime.

    However, and this issue could be argued many ways, I am actually in partial agreement with France's government on this:


    Again, Free Market and Enterprise could be argued against the economic reprucussions of doing something like this, I just want my music to be transparent to the media I decide to employ my music upon... without jumping through hoops in order to get it to work. Right or wrong - it's just want I want, you know, the customer.

    However, I'm sure I am missing something, but it's Friday and Chipotle is calling me.

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    Re: OMG - Hell must be a bit colder today - France and I agree on something.

    That's an interesting read, although I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the idea of not having to work around their protected formatt (not that it is difficult at all), but I'm not sure if I agree with forcing Apple to change. I'd have to read up on Anti-Trust laws before I take a strong opinion. Otherwise, it won't effect me much, I don't own an Ipod or use ITunes anyway.
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    Hah!........................it is all a cunning plot to get the USA to go metric

    Soon, you will only be allowed to shoot frogs with 9mm Parabellum...........no .38 Special, no .357 magnum?...............even though the bullet diameters are absolutely identical

    Strange though it may seem, the real French are not too keen on Parisiennes either.............it is they who called them "frogs" first, because the ancient coat of arms of Paris was three frogs passant (going sideways )

    The Sun King, Louis XIV, was known to say "Q'en dit les Grenouilles?"..........."What are the frogs saying?"........................

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