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Thread: Anybody know of a network switch tester?

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    Question Anybody know of a network switch tester?

    I've inherited a few 5 and 8 port consumer level "unmanaged" ethernet switches.
    You know, the DLink, Netgear, Linksys type.

    If I use them for quick testing on a small job or sell them as used, I want to know they don't have bad ports, defective firmware or overheating problems, etc.
    Of course, the bequeather(s) haven't a clue whether they were ever used and some of them look pretty clean.

    Anyone know of an under $250 solution to test these switches (and others perhaps) using either a software or hardware tester.

    I simply don't feel like using Qcheck between two computers for 10 minutes .....port by port by port by port, but I will if I have to.

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    To test the all ports fully would require a device connected to each port..

    if software were able to interogate the switch, without some load on the ports.. the report may be all is well ..when infact the interface may be O/C to the socket or similar issues..

    But I am intersted in what surfaces here..
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    Not sure if these will help ya, undies?

    If you just wanna test ports, this is an awsome little tool - fits on your keyring!(I have a spare lying around somewhere, may be able to send it to ya if you like?Though it will prob cost more to post it!)


    If you want to go for the more expensive option this will test connectivity through the switch and test all ports, and all the switching capabilities, MAC address handling etc - it wont test if it is overheating though..

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