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Thread: Prevent most spyware infections

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    Prevent most spyware infections

    Most spyware infections are easily prevented by simply installing one program. It requires no advanced admin skills nor detailed knowledge of Windows' operating systems. Simply go to this site...


    ...and you'll see a green box on the left side of the page. There'll be a blue and orange icon with the words "Download Firefox". Click on the box and, assuming you're using Internet Explorer, you'll see a small "File Download" pop-up with a few options. First will be a warning, somewhat overdramatic (don't you love it?), that some files are harmful to your computer. You can safely ignore the warning as this is DEFINITELY a trusted site, and click on the "Open" button. This will begin installing the Firefox web browser from Mozilla. Simply follow any prompts using the defaults, and in a few minutes, you'll have a shiny new web browser, Firefox.

    Now, when you start up Firefox for the first time, you'll have a small window popup asking if you want to make Firefox your default webbrowser. Click yes. Definitely click yes.

    When you finished this, open Internet Explorer (you don't have to close Firefox), and again, you'll see a small popup window warning that Internet Explorer is not your default web browser. Near the lower left corner is a tiny box next to the words "Do not show again" (or somesuch). Click the tiny box and you'll see a checkmark, then to the right, click "No". Then close Internet Explorer.

    You now have a new default web browser set in your PC. Firefox will remind some of you old-timers of Netscape 4. You know, the good old days when we worried about boot viruses on floppy disks and there was no spyware. And you still have Internet Explorer as a backup web browser and AV app.

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    This would be better served in the "Tips and Tricks Forum". It's great info but it's not quite a tutorial.

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    You forgot to mention:

    Go to the website and get the advert and script blocking plug-ins. In particular the script blocker

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    Howabout something even easier?

    Remove execute permissions from the local settings folder for your (non-admin) user account. Seems far simpler than switching browsers?

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    Moved, after being justed by a member... something with which I agree.. This is definately not a tutorial...

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    Opera works much better, and doesnt trip on bugs that firefox and IE do.

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    I know this is old, but I agree with Th3h4r3. I've been using Opera for several years now, and it hasn't done me wrong. Maybe instead of promoting one browser, you should have just pointed to a list of 'alternate' browsers.

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