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    Why Phishing Works

    Hi all,

    Found a link to this paper on the SecurityFocus website. Definitely worth a read. In short, it concludes that browser design needs significantly revamping to help users determine when they are accessing a fraudulent web site.



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    That's a good article, boils down to a users knowledge level when surfing or protecting their information, still quite a few people out there who don't use safe hex....

    There are some tools out there to help the user when surfing....Spoofstick

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    yea, the article explains some nice stuff. But the best read I found on the subject was an article about how some hackers web provider and placed their site where a bank would of been. So when the users logged in they were actually logging into the actual URL of the bank. Supposedly it only happened to like 20 people and was up for a couple of hours. If happened in florida. I was looking for the article but can't find it.

    Other than me keep looking. I am just going to point everyone to digg.com great site and it is somewhere on there.

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