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Thread: You can't just give it away

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    You can't just give it away

    This is old, but it has got to go here: Firefox Pirated.
    If everything looks perfect, then there is something you don\'t know

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    Not surprising really, those people do tend to see everything in black and white. They really don't think things through. If you get a monthly computer magazine it will have CDs/DVDs with all sorts of "free" software including Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    A lot of "free" software states that you are permitted to charge for media, shipping, handling, user guides and so on. You can still download it free if you want.

    I can remember sites back in the days of 28.8 and 33.6 modems where you selected freeware and they burned it to a CD and sent it to you for a relatively modest fee. It made sense if you had a slow modem and an unreliable phone connection (particularly if you had a pay per minute ISP account).

    I would have thought that the trading standards people would have done their homework a bit better

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    the good old sneakernet... often faster even these days!

    *mumbles about corporate network throttling*

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