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    dalek - you have mentioned Limewire which I installed on a friends system for about an hour and then starting marking anything wrong. I say lot of searche's being shown as [][][] (squre's), I think it might be a buffer overflow or some unknown exploit. anyway if you use it and know anything about it please let me know.
    I haven't used mine in awhile, but I never experienced what your describing, check out their FAQ maybe you don't have something configured right.

    Would also second ©opy®ight suggestion, you would be amazed at who is out there searching for files, almost all of the universities/college's (where most of the downloading takes place I might add), Military establishments (guards with too much time on their hands Lol).....(or bored clerks). Also the usual RIAA, MPAA etc...

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    I wish I could :

    just make it about 800MB - and when its full tell em they cant download anything else cause you have no more room!
    Sadly she's not a blonde .

    Coming back .... would you rate torrent better then other P2P. Also I see one more thread has come up about P2P software's (New "Dark" Freenet Available for Testing). Will the P2P software work properly if I give her guest permission, install the software for her and give read for ROOT and all other partition except where the files are being downloaded ? Also is this approach foolproof ?
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    Well, all she needs are the applications/OS and the partition with the downloads. I wouldn't grant access to anything else.

    The problem as I see it is that if someone can download and run software that opens files, they can run malware. That is why I suggested something that blocks executables in the P2P application/partition.

    I would not rely on a partition to save you either, a lot of crapware is network aware and will find other drives/partitions

    I would still go for a removable drive or back-up drive if you want to be safe.

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    Why not install a user friendly free linux distro like mandriva, opensuse, fedora or k/ubuntu and set the free partition as the /home directory. You can limit their write access to that partition and if you get any hostile windows executables coming down the line, linux is not going to be abe to run them and windows will not be able to read from the linux partition.

    PS-ubuntu is top of the linux charts at the moment, but the 'which distro' question is a different topic altogether.
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    just set her limited account up, lock it up nice and tight. And preconfigure firewall etc so that it won't co-operate with the p2p program.
    She will download it, but it's no good if she cannot install it. as her account does not have high enough priveleges to do the install.

    And if worse comes to worse then just install Emule . just preconfigure the firewall to not allow the needed tcp connections, an thus it will make her downloading of pirated software less enjoyable, as it will take over an hour to download a 3mb mp3


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