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    Slack - Booting off CD but not finding media

    I am attempting to complete a system build for my brand new mastershaper system, but I have been observing strange behaviour.

    I can boot off the slack 10.2 CD, I can format HDD, create swap and slices, but as it scans for the media, it spins up the CDROM drive (the little green light flashes!) and then doesn't find the media! It moves onto searching for a SCSI CD device and of course doesn't find one...

    I have tested the CD media several times for the installations, including on my VMWare machine...

    This CDROM device has been used previously to install Windows on the same box.

    I suspect that there is a CDROM driver problem... I have no idea where to start! The hardware I am installing on is an IBM NetVista machine, with a liteon LTN-486S CDROM.

    I have booted from the old_cd.i kernel, but to no avail.

    Anyone encountered this problem before, or have any suggestions?

    Thank you kindly...


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    Are you sure that the .iso is not corrupt? What speed did you burn the .iso at.?
    usually when i'm transfering an .iso onto either CDR or DVD i choose a lower burn speed.
    And i have also found that some .iso's don't like newer rom drives..
    Have you tried swapping the rom drive with another and then attempt the install again?
    Or maybe even reburn the .iso with lower settings and see if that works during install..

    just a few ideas on the matter..


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    Hi f2b,

    I have installed several systems from the same set of CDs... but could some other portion of the cd be corrupt that is used in the probing media portion of this particular CDROM driver?

    It's funny because as I said, the CD boots fine (ie bootstrap from CDROM is successful) and I can use all the tools from the mini-root installer, except it just doesn't find the CD's (which it has booted off from originally...)

    Maybe I should be trying an older version of Slack?

    Thanks again...

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