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Thread: Proxy server software needed!!!

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    Proxy server software needed!!!

    Hi All,

    I have a proxy server running at the school where I works (Sambar Server) its a freeware solution which does almost everything I need (and its free).

    I need a proxy server which details which users are on which site, at the moment Sambar only tells you which computers are going to which site, preferably without having users to login again to get access to the internet, There must be something out there which takes the users login credentials and uses them with the proxy. Does anyone know of any software that will do this, apart from ISA which has been ruled out because of financial problems.

    I dont mind using *nix so if that is the only route then so be it.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?


    Craig Dunn

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    Turning on authentication on the proxy server will allow you to see which user does what.. A user then needs to "logon" before s/he is able to use the proxy..

    Squid with NTLM authentication turned on can be used to authenticate IE/FF users automagicly.. Maybe Sambar can do that too..
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