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    I dont really get what you mean but if it finds nothing it downloads nothing i think.
    What I was thinking is the P2P application will expect to be pointed to a folder or drive with items to share in it. I would expect it to either remotely scan or locally scan and report back over the internet.

    This information would update some sort of index server somewhere or you guys wouldn't know what was available and where.

    I suspect that the scan is local and the program searches for the shared folder/drive if it is not pointed to one. It will doubtless have installed with administrator rights. So, if you don't have anything to share it will search but won't actually download anything.

    The tools already suggested should show you what if anything is being downloaded.

    Unfortunately, as I don't know what P2P you are using I cannot check my theory any further.

    Yes, safe mode is the way to scan, as you prevent a lot of nasty stuff from loading, and make it easier to detect and remove.

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    here nihil
    Unfortunately, as I don't know what P2P you are using I cannot check my theory any further.
    emule 0.47a
    only for legal stuff of course

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    Have you checked your shared directory's in emule then.?
    options-> Directories, and check for any un-authorised checked boxes on all drives.

    I know that with emule you cannot access files on someone's computer unless those files are in the user's shared directory. ie: c:\program files\emule\Incoming..
    also have you checked the sharing options in emule? Options-> Files, make sure that the see my shared file directory's is clicked to Nobody.

    just a few things you might check.


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    Hey front2back! : )

    Yes of course i'm aware of all this stuff, i'm an old "emuler" after all ...

    What i'm afraid of is a new exploit or troyan stuck in my system that isnt in the antivirus databases
    yet so you cant find it with a virus scan, i'm sure there's more than we can think of,
    surely there's a lot of "talented" programmers out there

    But Active Ports is very good program to see it , it better than netstat cause it only shows you
    ,as his name says, "the active ports" not like netstat that gives you a list from the moment your PC
    was switched on...

    Thanks for helping,

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