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Thread: CoolWebSearch gets a new home

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    CoolWebSearch gets a new home

    Just doing my normal reading trying to stay updated in this ever changing field... and it appears as though our favorite spyware/malware coolwebsearch has changed hosting providers!

    Might as well block them at your firewall, just to be sure.

    Story @ http://www.incidents.org/diary.php?storyid=1245

    You can also add these domain names to your blackhole dns until they get updates out.
    (Not sure if they've updated yet because I can't get to bleedingsnort.com! )
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    Be advised that unwary surfing to these sites might make your DVD drive spit out peperoni slices,
    I'm still waiting for my slice of pizza to pop out of the drive, i've got a plate ready to catch it and all.

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    A DVD that spits out pepperoni slices???

    Ugh. And to think I've been wasting my time on this high-tech toothbrush that'll send email...
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