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Thread: New Phishing Flaw in Internet Explorer

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    New Phishing Flaw in Internet Explorer

    Hey kids,

    I just read this on Slashdot, thought I would share.

    Found at: http://it.slashdot.org/it/06/04/06/1718210.shtml
    JimmyM writes "Secunia reports on a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer . From the piece: 'This can be exploited to spoof the address bar in a browser window showing web content from a malicious web site.' According to several (german) media outlets this is already being exploited by phishing sites. Secunia has a test you can try to see if you are vulnerable."
    Maybe not a pressing issue, but interesting anyway!

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    Strange, firefox throws up a different result each time for me - it will either just go straight to Google - and say google in the address bar - or it will go to secunia site - say google.com in the address bar for a second or two and then change to the correct URL and prompt me to D/L a .fla file.

    What happens with y'all?
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    Fully patched IE with XP home (patched) is vulnerable

    secunias web site warning

    Your browser is vulnerable if the Address Bar displays "http://www.google.com/".
    and the address bar shows google

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    Debian Sarge with KDE 3.5 (from backports.com) and Mozilla Firefox is not vulnerable. Hmmmm.

    But then, we knew that.
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    The url does look a bit off. A few %20 or %3 jumping in the bar but nothing to say its google or so.
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    The test worked in my fully patched IE (WinXP pro NL) but the netcraft toolbar did show it as SECUNIA..

    So antiphishing tools prove their worth..
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    In answer to Nokia's question, I tried it with Firefox 1.07 and Win 2000 SP4 updated a few hours ago and it goes to Secunia every time.

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    No probs with FF, but had to set the security level on IE to medium and mark prompt on the scripting options before it would go to the Secunia site....now I am okay....
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    my default settings in this box all browsers .including IE..went to secunia...

    It is your security settings.. Just tested on a clean installed system with ALL patches applied BUT default security setting .. and yes ie failed the test..
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    my bar in firefox took me to yahoo and said res2res is not a registered protocol
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