I have someone that keeps trying to use a (I guess) password generator on my companies' FTP server.. He tries to log in via administrator and it seems to be trying a different password every 1-2 minute intervals... Of course it traces back to somewhere in China, so is there a way while he is trying to connect that I can trace it back to his true IP? He is actually trying as I type this.. I can of course keep blocking his IP or range and I truly need to limit the login attempts to 3-5 tries.. This is a newly set up FTP server and still working out the kinks... This might also be a different topic but I would also like to make this FTP server to appear to be invisible to the outside world, I currently have my router set to block ping requests but doesn't seem to do much good since you can go into nmap and do a -sS -v -P0 scan and find that FTP is open, how can I make it to where an nmap or any other scan will not reveal that port to be open... Mainly right now I want to track this certain IP so I can call the sys admin and let him know that this person is unlawfully trying to access my server... Thanks in advance..