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Thread: enumeration AD & cracking a server 2003 syskey!

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    enumeration AD & cracking a server 2003 syskey!

    Hi Guys

    Im fairly new to this forum and just wanted to ask, i have a vmware setup consisting auditor, backtrack, win2003 and xp.

    want i want to do is boot the win2003 profile using auditor and then mount the hda to grab the syskey and anything else i need to crack the admin password.

    also is there a way of enumerating the list of users within my win2003 box?

    thanks in advance!

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    sure, checkout out samdump. samdump will grab all the usernames and hashed passwords. You would boot auditor on the win2003 machine, and follow the directions. Irongeek has a good tutorial on doing this.
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