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Thread: Whistleblower claims AT&T helps NSA

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    Whistleblower claims AT&T helps NSA

    AT&T provided National Security Agency eavesdroppers with full access to its customers' phone calls, and shunted its customers' internet traffic to data-mining equipment installed in a secret room in its San Francisco switching center, according to a former AT&T worker cooperating in the Electronic Frontier Foundation's lawsuit against the company.

    Hardly a surprise, really, but always worth a reminder -- there is no hiding.

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    I'm reminded of the Google-DOJ clash a couple of months back. Basically, Google refused to grant carte blanche to DOJ (and the NSA?) while Yahoo and ass't other portals and ISP's did.


    There IS hiding on the internet, as evidenced by the plethora of crime taking place, but you better know what you're doing. Better yet, don't have a reason to hide...
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    Just another little peice of information about AT&T....

    Remember the original Ma Bell breakup? Ma Bell is only a few years away from being completely restored. Almost all of the separate companies created by the breakup are back under common ownership and control.

    Heil Bell.

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    our government has been on overdrive collecting data on all of its citizens. its really not a secret anymore, i wouldnt be surprised if there is a national database transcripts of all phone calls made inside the us. they already admit they do this for all outgoing calls, cant tell me they couldnt do it inside.

    Our only salvation is our privacy laws. they can conjure up whatever they want with those captured conversations, but a good lawyer will make them prove beyond reason of doubt- and evesdropping on private calls will surely get a case thown out quickly. lets hope it stays this way

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    Better yet, don't have a reason to hide...
    I really hate this mindset. It is this sort of thing that will allow the government to assume more and more power. The government itself will be a reason to hide.
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