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Thread: Secure Web Hosting Company

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    Secure Web Hosting Company

    I'm searching for a new web hosting company as my term is ending with my current company. I am not happy with my current company because they do not seem competent.

    Moreover, their webmail client does not offer an SSL connection. (I feel very uncomfortable sending my password for e-mail via cleartext).

    Does anyone have recommendations for good web hosting service? While I want good service, I also want the price to be somewhat reasonable. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesistate to share your opinion..

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    Hi stonee,

    Check out Bluehost - their prices are very reasonable (under $7 per month), and they offer excellent service. When you sign up, there are tons of features available in the cPanel, and you'll have no problem doing almost anything you want there. Their support is brilliant - if you have a problem or question, don't hesitate to email them, because you'll receive a reply in no time.

    But my view's a bit biased because they're the only webhost I've ever used!

    If you want professional hosting, I've heard a lot about (mt) as well, so I suggest you take a look at this one as well.

    I'm quite sure that both have SSL-encrypted email access. Don't quote me on that though - you'll have to look at the features of the option you choose and see if it's available


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    Hey Hey,

    I use two providers.... one is HostPrice (www.hostprince.com) and the other is 1&1...

    Now everyone knows 1&1... they're huge and rightly so.... they offer some great accounts... I pay 27 every three months I believe and I've got 1TB or 1.5TB of transfer, 30GB of storage, 3000 pop3 accounts, unliminted hosted domains (5 free domains included with my package), webmail, cgi-scripts, automatic flash builder and some other crap I don't use...

    HostPrince is smaller... and I have them for different reasons... It's a reseller account (I pay around 5/month for it)... I've got 20GB of transfer and 4GB of storage... but I can turn around and give my friends their own accounts.. 25MB storage and 500MB transfer.. or whatever else they want small like that... in addition... I get a free 500MB account w/ 10GB Transfer for selling the rest of the hosting... so I get a decent account for free while making money off the account I pay for.. Also I get ssh access, full control of my name servers and a unlimited mysql dbs, email addresses and ftp accounts...

    so both have their perks... HostPrince isn't 100% reliable and does have some downtime.. and their tech support is inept... if cpanel doesn't support it.. they don't know how to do it... I've had to walk them through custom scripts I've wanted installed in the past..

    btw Check out 1&1's website www.1and1.com ... the physical security they have in place (it's a flash demo) is rather cool.

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    Here you go

    Try RackSpace . I almost went to work for them and they seemed pretty good to me.
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    Pick a larger outfit with good uptimes if you want better security. I'm a happy 1and1.com customer, too.

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    I've heard great things about 1&1, and I once had a free account there, when they were offering free trial accounts, but I never really used it much.

    According to NetCraft (http://www.netcraft.com), Hostopia (http://www.hostopia.com/) is the most reliable webhost this month. Followed by Verio (http://www.verio.com/). 1&1 ranks in at 19. (http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/repo...?tn=march_2006), take a look around some of those hosting companies, and see which have to most to offer, and would suit you best.

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    Why not do it yourself......

    If you have a static IP on a cable or ADSL...
    you can set up your own server.....
    I would use Blue Quartz... a centOS (Linux based) server
    You can use an older computer to do it.....
    You just need a friend who has a secondary DNS

    I know some ISP's hate customer servers and others
    have no problem.....

    I also know that some cable companies won't do it or
    want you to get a commerical account.....

    Biut there are always ways.... I personally have
    5 webservers located at 4 different locations...
    2 of them Blue Quartz


    And it can be very educational as well.....

    and a un-official mirror- all the files I used....
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    I have always used www.aplus.net and they have been great. I think I have had 99.999999% uptime in the 4 years I have been using them. They support all formats different OS's great customer support etc... if you do choose them let me know, I would love to get credit for the suggestion I think i get a free month or something. But they have been great.

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