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Thread: Ways people exchange privacy for convenience...

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    Along the lines of 'loyalty' cards, the 'Players Clubs' that most casinos, big and small, are offering these days. They track your gambling, hotel usage, etc. info all over the place...
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    Another one is the On-Line survey types, there are a few organisations that send out after getting info from in store courtesy cards, like Shoppers Drug mart has a "optimum" card , every time it's swiped, the sales get reflected on your information and the survey people take it from there.
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    You guys have been a huge help! Thanks so much for your responses thus far. I thought that I had them all before I posted, but looking over these, there are at least six or seven that I had not even thought of... so, great!

    If anyone has any more, feel free to post, though by now I think I've got plenty for this part of my paper. Thanks, again, folks!

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    I forgot to mention, the badge you receive at work, a lot of them can track where you are in the building.

    In fact if you go to any modern hospital they have a badge that the nurses wear that indicate if they are in a room or not and then the nurse station can look and see where all the nurses are in order to get help make sure they are where they should be.
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    You exchange a lot more than your privacy at the airport. You can include self-esteem, peace of mind, real security.

    All that for the false feeling of security while flying from one place to another.

    I'm not a grump, really.

    Oh, yeah, then there is the federal government. You exchange everything for the convenience of someone reaming you a new ...

    BTW, does it show that I just paid this year's taxes?

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    You trade your personal information for Social Security Payements.
    Give 'em your details unemployement status, and they give you a few hundred dollars a fortnight etc..
    The government can use those details to get your addresse etc, the police also can gain that information to obtain your location, so if you got a warrant for your arrest etc they know where to look.

    Also Video stores, you need to give them your details, before you can hire a movie/game etc


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    Surprised this one hasn't been Mentioned yet.

    Resume Websites: Dice, Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, Washingtonpost.com (jobs) etc.

    They can get all of your skill set, including your previous work experience and save it in there database for years. (I've gotten calls asking me to come in for interviews when I havn't had a resume up in over 8 months and the Resume they have is over 3 years out of date.)

    makes it easier to find a new job.


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    "Demo Software" downloads, including 30 day trials of reporting software (did tons of those last week), games, etc. They now have your information, and if you actually gave them your phone number they'll call you up trying to ask you if you'd like to buy there software, or send you emails about new products patches etc. Also a few of the sites will sell your email address.


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    Paying for stuff, services etc, via mobile phone?

    More popular in Japan, I think there you can use your mobile to pay for allsorts?

    Any sort of prepayment cards, cards are easier to track than cash. Ireland has prepayment credit cards I believe.

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    the google search history.
    I think that gives up lot of privacy for convenience...

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