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    just installed freenet for the first time,can't seem to get it working properly however

    keep getting network errors with every link,pictures don't load up,its REALLY slow.

    also it keeps telling me when i click on a link that it couldn't retrieve key.this happens on all of the sites.

    what am i doing wrong?? how do i set it up to work properly???

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    I don't know what your problem is, but I would suggest that you look at item #13 on their FAQ before you run this software.
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    i understand wot u are saying preacherman,i had actually read that part of their faq previously,and while it does horrify me to think of people abusing the net in such a way, i do not intend to view such things myself or distribute them.

    however the fact that they could use the space and bandwidth i have decided to share with the network to carry out such deeds in secret is a worry of mine.

    for now though i simply wanna get the thing working,an uncensored net,while it may have its dangers,sounds kinda cool to me,i'm very into freedom of speech and such.

    let me tell ya wot i'm running so that anyone who uses the program may have a better idea wot might have gone wrong.

    i'm using mozilla firefox with adblock and scriptblock,also i surf the web using Tor with privoxy.
    could Tor be causing problems?? i have tried turning it off while using freenet but it makes no difference.

    nothing connects,pages don't load up right,always saying couldn't retrieve key.

    plz plz PLZ!! could someone help me sort this??

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    I would suggest you post a message on the support mailing list. They are the experts.


    The link to the archives doesn't work on that page. They can be found here :


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    It is giving you the error of not being able to get key, simply because you are not connected to any other nodes of the network.
    How do I use this software? I downloaded it, but when I run it there's no GUI.
    Fred (the Freenet REference Daemon) runs as a daemon, or service, in the background. You normally talk to it with a Freenet client. One of the services that Fred offers is called fproxy, which lets you talk to Freenet with a web browser. Point your web browser to for the gateway page. Try clicking the various links in the "Bookmarks" panel to reach some of the popular Freenet index sites.

    If you're looking for applications that run on top of Freenet and provide a different interface or functionality, please see the Tools page.
    Important note for first time users

    When you first start Freenet your node will know very little about the network, meaning that it could take several minutes or longer to retrieve a web page. Please be patient since Freenet will learn how to find information more effectively over time and its speed will gradually improve with use.
    Well that's what i've been able to tetermin just from reading the page of jibberish of a manual at the http://freenetproject.org site..

    sounds like a load of crap to me. But heck i'm probably just missing the point with it.?


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    A question would be, is this freenet 0.5/0.6 or the new 0.7 darknet..

    I run a Darknet node myself..
    And even run a freesite on the new Darknet..

    For the new freenet 0.7 to work you need to shake hands with atleast some three peers..
    You need their ref and they need yours, you can find yours
    If you want you can PM me your ref and I'll PM mine

    If you choose to run Freenet 0.7 Darknet (alpha) be sure to check out my Freesite on there..
    (url gets fecked up by forum software.. well try and combine the lines.. it should work)

    Thx, Und3ertak3r but nope.. it still enters an enter where I don't want it..

    I know the whole Darknet thing is about 'real' trust but I don't care if people can spy on me..
    I just use Freenet Darknet as a test right now for possible future stuff that might need secrecy..
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    url gets fecked up by forum software.
    does useing the [Code]
     [ /code]
    controles not work either?
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