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    How to delete a read-only file?

    Using winXP service pack2, Office XP. Full privalages on this comp.

    I have a "Word" file that I want to put on a CD-RW disk. When I went to save this file to the cd-rw, it would not work. I saved it to the hardrive, and then saved it to cd-rw. It was saved as a read-only file, but I was not prompted for this option. I cannot delete it from the cd-rw.
    How can I delete it? Or change it to read/write?
    How can I save to cd-rw without saving to hardrive first?
    Is there a setting, so it will not be saved as read-only?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Properties-> uncheck read only...or am i missing something here...
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    妯py展ght, I tried that, it still will not let me modify or delete the file.

    "An error occurred applying attibutes to the file:"
    "Access is denied"

    Tried ignoring this and still did not work.

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    If its on your harddrive..

    .take ownership..then change the permissions??

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    Well its not on the hardrive anymore. It is not a big file, so I will be redoing it, the problem is, I can't remove it from the cd-rw. I guess when I start over, I will make sure it has write access before I save it cd-rw. I would think there is a way to save it to cd-rw with write permission without saving it to the harddrive first?
    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    You can have problems when the CD-RW was written with different progs.. even different versions of the same prog.. this could be why your unable to change the attribute or delete the file from the cd-rw..

    With Windows.. 9x to XP..Unless there is a registry hack, all files on optical media assume the status of Read Only, even after being copied to a HDD.. this goes for CD-r, CD-RW DVD's etc..
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    CD-RW, if it is using tha normal ISO9660 file system, may not have
    the capability to save a file in anything other than read-only.


    Maybe there is a different file system you have to use if you want to
    delete or rewrite files.
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    Thanks guys for the info. One question though, how do people use cd-rw or dvd-rw as backup media, especially incremental backups? Am I missing something?
    And is there a way to delete this file? It will not even allow me to add any other files to this cd-rw.

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    Ok i went through google for ya and this is the solution to the problem but you guys probably arent using the same software or whatever, but it may help....

    I just un-installed all 3 burner programs I had used for testing. I also un-installed any and all traces of Sonic software thru out the system including the register. I also stopped all start up programs. I stopped any and all anti virus and security programs and ioslated the naked system from the web.
    I then reinstalled Sonic and DLA from my OEM disk. It worked. I now can drag and drop files to the cd and it sees them as normal files as per the DLA program which allows you to use a CD as a hard drive and copy files to it and delete etc etc. Why this didn't work before is beyond me. I worked with the Sonic people for 1.5 hrs doing the same thing and that didn't work. As a former Bell(Verizon) System worker who worked in digital computor switching for 25+ years, I guess the term FM applies.
    FM = F****** Magic. Thanks again for all the help. Maybe what I want thru may help someone else out. Stripping the system may have been the key.
    Source: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread30677.html

    and this

    The only way to achieve what you want to do is to use 'Packet writing' - Nero's version of this is InCd - I do not know what Sonic's equivalent is called. In Packet Writing the CD is formatted and can be used as a large floppy disk. Exactly how it works I have not had need to investigate.
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    You possibly already tried this, but is it not possible to just format the cd-rw again?
    If it's read only you should at least be able to copy the data to the pc before doing so.

    Just my 2 cents...

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