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Thread: Question about the Taskbar

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    Question Question about the Taskbar

    To some this may sound anal, but to others organized

    At work, I always have about 12 programs open at once and was wondering if there was a 3rd party application (or a Windows setting I don't know about) that allows you to reorginze the open programs on the taskbar similar to moving tabs in Firefox. I find myself more efficient being able to know exactly where each application is on the taskbar. (see told you it might sound anal )

    If anyone knows of this, you will make my day


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    Do you 'Group Similar items on the taskbar'.

    Its may not be exacly what you want - but if oyu have say, 8 web browsers open it will group them all into a list for you etc etc.
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    Hey i am the same, for me, winamp has to be the first one the list, then AIM buddy list and the browser and then the rest, if winamp is 4th on the list i always click the first thing to change the song....
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    rcgreen> It's basically what I was looking for, just too bad it's not drag and dropable like tabs in Firefox

    Nokia> No I don't group anything. I find that more of a pain than a utility

    妯py展ght> I totally agree with you. Except for me, it might be removing someone an access right they had

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