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Amazon to offer Pay per Page and Digital Access to Purchased Books 11/8/2005

Amazon has announced that it will begin offering both pay-per-page views of books to customers, as well as full digital copies of books which customers have already purchased through Amazon.

Amazon is not the only one moving to a pay-per-page model. Publishing giant Random House has said that they also intend to put their own books online soon, and to offer a pay per page service. Said Richard Darnoff, President of the corporate development division of Random House, “We believe that it is important for publishers to be innovative in providing digital options for consumers to access our content.”

Amazon’s other service will allow customers who purchase hard copies of a book to access the book’s content in digital format as well, for a fee.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explained, “We think this is a big deal. If we can bring the world of books to customers, wherever they happen to be, that’s a worthwhile thing to work on.”

With the lawsuits against Google over scanning books and putting their content online, how does the Association of American Publishers feel about Amazon’s and Random House’s plans,and pay per page in general? According to Association director Judith Platt, “We are willing to embrace the digital environment with open arms, but it needs to be done in a way that respects publishers and authors.
I enjoy reading computer books and i am interested in most of the titles listed on Amazon.

But the problem is i hate having lots of hard copies of big bulky books lying around my computer room and the above article seems to me like a very good idea as i am sure many of us here have lots of tutorials already in digital format that you browse through from time to time to get information on a particular subject.

The above article is a few months old but i was just wondering if the rest of antionline have read this article and do you think this will catch on so we can buy computer books on Amazon in digital format such as .pdf and we will not need to purchase a big bulky hard copy?.

As many of you know we have are very own "Tony Bradley" as a member of this forum who is the new co-author of the soon to be released "Hackers Challenge 3"discused in this thread

I would love to see fantastic books like this in digital .pdf format that i could purchase and download on Amazon.

What do the rest of the members here think?, do you think we will have a whole library of computers books on amazon that we can download in digital format in the future or do you think there will only be selected titles that will be available in diglital format to purchase?.

Also do you think this would go head due to the risk of piracy?.

Sorry about my rambling but the reason i mentioned "Tony Bradley" is because he is a member of this forum and i was hoping he could push this idea foward for "Hacking Exposed 3" and other books he has by his and other publishers.