Hey Hey,

Confused by the title??? I thought you would be... that's why I chose it..

I recently posted LED Construction Sign Hacking.... I ended up putting it into Cosmo's because of another debate the comments had spurred... but had I only posted it for the information, I would have been torn on where to post it... So I'd like to see a new forum...

Essentially Hacking... or Hardware Hacking... I can't come up with a good name... or I haven't through of one anyways... Things that would go in this forum..

Construction Sign Hacking,
Electronics Hacks (VCR that throws tapes)
Chemical Hacks (The Mentos into Diet Coke thing)
Vending Machine Hacking (Going through the menu of the vending machine and accessing it)

While I'm sure some of that information could be used maliciously the same could be said for a lot of things posted on AO... and being the geeks that we are... I'd have to say that we prolly all have an interest in these odd twisted things.. and that we should have a forum dedicated to them.