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Hey Nicolas old mate! this is Johnno................

Joe is correct in my humble opinion...............this isn't a censorship issue .............

swive orf vous grenoille merde

See, that did not get censored did it?

I still say that there is no censorship on this site. But, as we are talking about it, how is The Specialist?..................like him to let rip would you?

Valid point John, I guess it is just a very sensitive topic.

While I agree with your use of the Specialist as an example of what we would not like to see, I think that often we all consider ourselves individuals, and we would in our minds like to think that our words are dealt with on a sort of "case by case basis", but the fact remains the rules are here for everyone and anyone. This I will accept.

I think it is, and always will be difficult for many of us, including myself to realize that AO is far bigger than just a select few. At times I feel (and I am sure) that I do receive a certain amount of creedence when it comes to my posts. I do appreciate it trust me. As I am an ignorant bastard at times.

I do however think it is important that people including my esteemed colleague The_Jinx be allowed to voice his, or her opinion regarding the overall rules whether enforced or not on this site.

We all (those of us who have stuck around for years) enjoy being here, and I think it is very important that it not become a complete dictatorship. Which I truly do not believe it has. (yet)