Hi preacherman481,

I know that some people on this site work for corporations. When they are called on to make a presentation to a group do they lace their presentation with profanity? Why not?
Because of long standing archaic and puritan notions of morality. Words alone cannot be moral or immoral, except in the context they are used...and that goes for any object as well.

eg. a gun is neither moral nor immoral in and of itself...but in it's use.

The word f@ck is considered vile because we deemed it so, and built a reputation upon it...we could do the same for candy...they are just words and words by themselves have no power except in that which we give them.

If we all agreed that f#ck was now a useful word to express ourselves with then it would no longer be vile...it would no longer have the puritan values put upon it.

It's superficial and a corruption of the basic purpose of language to restrict it's use...language is meant to express our feelings and ideas in a way that is readily understood...the concept of restricting that use was a religious concept of morality that did not nor does take into account the very nature of language itself or the guiding principles of morality.

The very fact that a single word can still make people cringe shows the deep embedded result of hundreds of years of church/religious rule...it's sad and ridiculous that a single word can have so much power over people.