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    Changing classic XP username font?

    I remember doing this one time, not sure if I used a 3rd party styles program, but:

    Does anyone know how to change the font on *only* the username shown at the top of the start menu, when using XP classic mode?

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    I'm pretty sure if you use a hexeditor you can edit the winlogon.exe and change the font used..
    Of you can edit the ui file with hex editor. Don't know where the setting is though. will post if found.
    <style resid=leftpanelss>
            background: argb(0,0,0,0);
            fontface: rcstr(1);
        element [id=atom(product)]
            animation: alpha | s | mediumslow;
        element [id=atom(leftpanel)]
            foreground: rgb(239,247,255);
        element [id=atom(welcome)]
            fontstyle: italic;
            fontsize: rcint(44) pt;
            fontweight: bold;
            padding: rect(0rp,0rp,22rp,0);
            contentalign: topright;
        element [id=atom(welcomeshadow)]
            foreground: rgb(49,81,181);
            fontstyle: italic;
            fontsize: rcint(44) pt;
            fontweight: bold;
            padding: rect(2rp,3rp,20rp,0);
            contentalign: topright;
    check out where is says welcome. do search for in ui file. play with "padding" row to get the right color and font used.


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