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Thread: Can you afford it? Show it!

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    Talking Can you afford it? Show it!


    came across this a day or so ago, just forgot about it, but while going through my pages of bookmarks i refound it again, so thought i'd post it up and see what you all think about this. will it take of or is it going to plummet back to earth and blow up in a fire of death.?

    Welcome to the 21. century! Do you own a luxury car and enjoy the exclusivity? Of course... But why restrict yourself? Now the time has come to define your financial status even in the digital world. Do you belong to high society? Then take this chance to demonstrate your position in an unambiguous manner. Sign up for an email address at Millionaires24.com. The overall number is limited to only 10,000 worldwide and membership is available for US$ 399.00 monthly. This email account offers all the features of a professional global webmail service incl. unlimited eMail traffic, address book, task manager, date reminder function, pop3 function and many more. With an email address at Millionaires24.com you will show all your email recipients that you have made it! An ordinary person cannot afford US$ 399.00 per month for an email address. Again, what is the point of a yacht in Monaco, a villa in Beverley Hills, or a Bentley in your garage when you are just one out of the billions on the Internet? Rise above the crowd! In a time where everyone is judged by his financial status, the members of Millionaires24.com can demonstrate their wealth. This is like a virtual diamond ring. To guarantee the exclusivity of the desired email address the number of members is limited, to the most elite ten thousand individuals worldwide. Can you can afford it? Show it!

    I wonder how many idiots will actually pay $400US a month to be apart of this lunacy.


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    Hi f2b,

    Another get rich quick gimmick hits the net looking for people with money but no brains...and unfortunately there's lots of them...

    these were two other's ...

    The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!

    Unemployed Loser

    anybody want a pet rock?


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    The million dollar homepage was a great idea, very unique, i was suprised that others had not thought of doing something like that years ago at the tip of the get rich schemes.
    I've noticed many other site's trying to do the same, but thus it looks like there not having much success.

    And the unemployedbum one, well it's so so lame, but i got a big laugh out of reading that site.

    It's amazing how many people will happily hand over there money thinking it's a worthy cause, meanwhile the maker of the site is sitting back and enjoying the fruits of there 10 minute of work setting up such a lame site.

    this is starting to give me ideas. Set up a even lamer site and watch the suckers role in and hand me there money..


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    hmm... now that I think of it... a million dollar page 2 might work. but instead of one million pixels make it 2. And charge 2 bucks each...

    Hmmm hey front wanna make 4 million. I will split it down the middle with ya.

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    There no shortage of people willing to depart with their cash...there was a guy on ebay who bought a brussel sprout for something like $5000...probably just to get his 15 minutes of fame...

    the pet rock, the sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, the infamous ant farm...just look at the people that fall for these lame phishing scams...

    you could probably get rich selling pee over the net claiming it was some celebrities.


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    you could probably get rich selling pee over the net claiming it was some celebrities.
    That's already been done, in the early days of the internet. cannot remember who's pee it was meant to be, but i do wonder if the buyer got some DNA testing done to confirm the goods were legit.


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    gmail blows this place out of the water and is free
    i have 3 accounts amounting to 9 gigs of online space... and a comp with a utility that connects to them

    im hoping this is all just a joke

    [side note]
    this makes me think of a joke i heard from a comedian

    "i want to find a girl who loves me for my money but doesn't know math"
    [/side note]
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Hi f2b,

    Already been done, eh?....darn !

    Anybody can make sh@tloads of money on the net if they're willing to cater to the worst instincts in people, or manipulate their weaknesses.


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    It's a good idea but the domain is cheesy. The only
    address worth that kind of money is liz@windsorcastle.com
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    A Bently Pfft. There is a scene in the original Dawn of the Dead where the guy says "The only man who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it".... Bently is pretty much the same to me.

    If you want a REAL car that shows you have cash, you get a McLaren F1. There are less than 100 in the World, they stopped being made in 1998 and they are the fastest street legal car in the World doing a max of 391. They go 0-100 in 4 seconds, and back when you could buy one from a shop, it was over a million dollars for a STOCK car. If you wanted something extra, you paid extra.

    And now that they are out, anyone who has one can charge whatever they want for one. Not like you can buy it at a car dealer anymore.

    Now THAT whips the ass of every car. It uses the BMW V12 engine.

    Please don't confuse the Mercedes Mclaren for a McLaren F1, they are no where near the same. The Mercedes Mclaren is a little over half a million dollars, where the car I'm talking about you MIGHT be able to nab for around 4 Million.





    Eat it Bently. You couldn't GIVE me one.... Well you could, but I'd sell it, I wouldn't drive one, not with BMWs, Audis, and McLarens in the World.

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