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Thread: OMFG I met one of my heroes

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    OMFG I met one of my heroes

    Long story short I went to go see Rob Zombie and Lacuna Coil. It was a great show. i had never realy listened to Lacuna Coil much but they rocked the house. Then it happened. One of my all time favorite musicians was on stage less than 10 feet from me. How could it possible get better? After the show we decided to stick around and let the crowd in the parking lot thin out. We kinda wandered around a bit mingleing with the people in the lot. We just happened to wander over where the tour busses are parked and there he is!!!!!! Just standing around bullshitting with the few other lucky fans who were in the right place at the right time. Not only did I get a chance to walk up shake his hand and get his autograph he was cool enough to strike a pose for a pic with me. The best part though (ATTN GORE YOU WILL LOVE THIS PART) I was wearing a Misfits T-Shirt and Rob Zombie acutaly looked at me and told he LOVED it and was going to have to get one. It was ****ing awsome.

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    Rob is awesome in person. He doesn't act like an ******* at all. I remember being in the same position you were in on November 4th 2005. Except instead of Rob Zombie talking to people, it was Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and ROBO of The Misfits and Black Flag standing there and Jerry's HOT ass daughter was there too.... I damn near fainted.

    My Mom loves Rob Zombie enough that She would take me to see him and stay for the show. When he comes back to Detroit I'm thinking about going to see him.

    If you get a chance to go to another concert, go to the Misfits. I'm serious, you will NOT regret it, and if you hop on stage, they toss you a mic and let you sing along.

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