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Thread: emigration

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    what in hell am i seeing in the news. Are people out of their freaken minds (rhetorical question)?

    Has someone said let's keep all the Mexicans out?


    No one has said any such thing! Nobody has even suggested reducing the number allowed in. In fact there is talk about vastly increasing the number allowed to emigrate into this country. As far as im concerned they can make that limit equal to the number of the citizens of mexico....just sign the F in at the boarder.

    When we're born and when we die its documented. When we buy a car or get a dog, we must document it. If your a known child molester you must register in the neighborhood you move into. BUT NOT IF YOUR FROM MEXICO.

    Every country has a criminal element but the United States has become the great escape. If you've crossed the boarder illegally the cops can't arrest you for not identifying yourself.

    ****can you immagine this! your a wanted criminal but there's a place you can go thats better than the place your in. a place where the cops dont have the right to find out anything about you. you'll get away scott free!!**** if you were a criminal would you go?

    You could be a mass murder fleeing from justice but the US cops have no right to find that out to protect the good people in the next town. If you have a STD and need to have sex every night with a different partner... no blood test is required. Do our politicians think this is somehow good for this country?

    Does anybody think this has any redeeming value what so ever?
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    What I found mindboggling, was watching the protests, and seeing mostly Mexican flags, and as someone pointed out (not sure how true) but the vast majority of the protestors were illigal's, how ironic is that....

    12 Million possible illigals in the states, there is no way they can all be rounded up and deported, some of these illigals have children that are in fact US citizens, so how do you play Soloman on that one...

    I equate this to what old Fidel did, the Mexican president could care less if all of the criminals from his country escaped/emigrated to the US, it becomes the states problem and it frees up his worries...

    But part of the blame can be put at the feet of big business or the agriculture industry along the southern border, business's take the chance to employ manual labour(not 'Manuel" ) at a cheap rate for a higher return on their sales. So while the feds grumbled about a porous border, the State politicians (Governor) turned a blind eye, I would be willing to bet that from San Diego to Tijauna it's mostly latinos and not all of them are legal.

    I agree with an immigration policy that rewards those who wait in line, pay their dues so to speak and are willing to share the Tax burden, so the rhetoric going on right now about a blanket Amnesty is the wrong message to send, find the criminal element from these illigals and certainly send them back to Fox and company, for the other's make them register, and depending on the circumstances make them work for their visa, sort of a loan type thing, but don't place them in the front of the line ahead of those who have allready waited probably 5 yrs to get the chance to go to America.
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    It personally pisses me off because I had to go through:
    - $3,000 lawyer fees
    - FBI background checks
    - Homeland Security background checks
    - Being detained for 2 hours by retardedly stupid immigration officers at some airport
    - Numerous other crappy things

    On the other hand: they are here - what are you going to do about it? I think it was the always fabulous Jon Stewart who had the international editor of Newsweek over the other day, who said that the US has the best immigration policy in the world... and he's right! You don't see Mexicans burning cars here...

    I've heard people say retarded stuff like "you've got them all together there (in those demonstrations, that is)... just arrest them all and deport them"... it doesn't work like that.

    I don't know how to solve it... I think the government is being pussy for not punishing those who do not obey the law (last time I checked, it's illegal to employ illegals), but I can't blame them...

    Tedob > Seriously: what is your solution?

    BTW: My parents - absolutely normal Belgian folks in their 60's - flew over to see their son and grandkids, and got finger-printed... got their luggage searched... got asked retarded questions...

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    It makes me so angry. Especially the scenes where they are waving the mexican flag....
    Ok, let's break this down. You say you deserve equal rights as US citizens. It would seem to me that YOU SHOULD BE WAVING THE US FLAG if you want to be a US citizen (or at least granted amnesty).

    BTW, why do illegals get to skip everyone in line ? People who have been waiting to do it legally, and all of a sudden some guy swims across a river and says that he deserves it more ?!?

    And what is worse, they picked a hell of a time to do it, seeing as it is election year and no one wants to piss of the hispanic vote. But then again, they are illegal which means they can't vote (at least SOME rights were kept to actual citizens) but their relatives sure can.

    Also, what is this 'breaking up the family' argument ? I guess bank robbers or drug dealers shouldn't go to jail because it would break up the family. When you see the stuff on the news, they are reffered to as immigrants. I guess they forgot the ones demanding amnesty were illegal ?

    Now I dont think I'm a cold person, but honestly, let's be fair. Cuban refugees ? Political asylum ? Sure, they deserve it. Everyone deserves a second chance, but no one said it was going to be easy or that they can break the law to get it.

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    i, like many people, have seen these demonstrations, and with my mouth agape for some minutes, ask myself "who the hell do you people think you are?" this type of illegal brazen demonstration is a slap in the face of all legal immigrants to this great nation. i believe in legal immigration, some of the steps are questionable, but it's what this country, besides slavery and oppression, is founded upon. for the illegals to dare, dare demostrate about their "rights" - they have no rights - they are criminals, and further perpetrate the crime, but waving the flag of their home country on US land?!? how bombastic can they get? i also saw on cnn maybe two weeks ago now, somone took the US flag down at a school, strung up the Mexico flag and strung the US flag underneath it - upside down - indicating an emergency or distress! and yes, i realize that this is but one of many immigration issues, this one is the hot one right now; i won't even touch the human trafficking and slavery still going on... at least not yet.

    solution? they have to first protect the borders better, it is foolish to think they can be secured; wow just like computers. second - with the @12million illegals already here, heh, lets start registrering them processing them, those that have been here for 5-7 years get selected for a federal service, others under that pay a fine of double of what it costs for a legal immigrant who actually went through the process to become a citizen. if it can be proven that there were kids born here from illegals, either whole or mixed, the kids are already citizens. and after we better protect the borders, for every illegal that comes over the border to the US our government generates a bill and sends it the Mexican government. failure to pay results in sanctions. the money generated from that process goes to protect our borders, or into a fracking process to better educate our adults and children to better compete on the global economy.

    wow. just amazing... i wonder how many would stay if they had to fight for this country; like being drafted?

    Immigrants find strength in numbers

    alright i am done for now, going to become more edumacated about this topic before i pontificate further.
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    Their kids are "US Citizens"....

    How the hell does that happen if their parents are here illegally? By this logic all I have to do is get sweetie preggers, wait till almost the due date and enter the USA on vacation... Hang out near a hospital for a while and bingo, I have a free pass to the USA because the kid is now a US citizen and he wants to live here - and, well, we can't break up the family, now can we... and at least I did it legally.

    This problem is the same as any other crime/criminal issue in my mind... If you are in the commission of a crime or have comitted a crime your rights should be suspended until you are under the control of a Law Enforcement Officer. Hence the mother would have no rights, (she's here illegally), and so her child remains a citizen of it's mothers country of origin.
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    I hate to have to tell you the bad news but this is all in preparation for the eventual NAU { North American Union )...based loosely on the Europian Union
    the concept began with Free Trade...
    there has been talk of opening up the borders for some time...but it was put on the back-burner after 9/11...
    there is and has been talk about a NAU currency...

    all these things have been discussed, debated, and proposed in a serious manner since about a decade before Free Trade...

    it has nothing to do with granting amnesty to illegals...it has nothing to do with protests...it simply has to do with the fact this is going to happen one day, and the fact they are talking about amnesty now shows me that day is coming very soon and they are preparing now for it...

    why deport millions of illegals now if in ten or twenty years they'd be part of the NAU anyways and will be able to walk across the border...they would never recover the costs in that time...it's economically more feasible ( if they've decided to go through with the NAU ) to just let them stay and avoid the cost...

    is it fair? NO!...but it's a fact of life and it IS going to happen.

    I could be wrong but in my opinion this is the reasoning behind this manuver.


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    preparation for the eventual NAU
    It'd be nice if they put Cheech and Chong on the new currency.
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    Hi rc,

    And make the bills out of hash paper made from bi-product?


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    Hmmmm... I heard a talk show host yesterday... I don't remember whom..... state that the solution to our immigration problem is to abolish the 14th amendment of the Constitution and enforce the 10th. What do you guys think?

    If you don't know what I'm referring to, then go look it up. http://www.law.cornell.edu/constitut....overview.html
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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