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Thread: Tax refund phishing scams

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    Tax refund phishing scams

    Just read this on CNN.

    Found at: http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/interne...ing/index.html
    ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- It's just the news that hardworking taxpayers want to see in their inbox: an update on their refund from the Internal Revenue Service.

    But instead of clicking on that e-mail's links, federal officials advise you to hit the delete key.

    That's because dozens of scams, known as "phishing" schemes, are making the rounds, poised to steal your personal information.

    "This phishing scheme is exploding," said IRS Commissioner Mark Everson.

    "Last year we got wind of seven different kinds of schemes. That was in all of 2005. This year we've already seen 65."

    Even the commissioner of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance got one of the phishing e-mails -- on his government computer.

    "It's a reflection of how brazen these crooks have become," Commissioner Andrew Eristoff said.

    "Here they are targeting a tax administrator with a tax refund scam. Unbelievable," he said.

    Phishing is an e-mail trick that "lures" users with a promise of money or an urgent security warning that asks users to update their information. But instead of going to a financial institution or the government, the precious personal data goes to identity thieves.
    There is more to the article if you click the link above.

    I think I'm moving off email. Maybe communication all together.

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    I'm thinking of fulfilling my telecommunication needs by getting supplies at my local grocer over Easter. Use the empty cans from the corn and green beans getting some string and setting up my new network. I should be able to 'see' hackers a bit easier - and it should be harder to phish.

    Just found this too - woo-hoo!

    Stinkie-linkie: http://www.technewsworld.com/story/49920.html

    Story lead-in:

    Tax Time Opens Phishing Season

    "With the IRS, phishers are guaranteed a very large cohort of people that will care about their messages," said Peter Cassidy, director of research for the Anti-Phishing Work Group in Cambridge, Mass. "Someone may or may not have a relationship with an online retailer or bank that's being spoofed, but everyone has a relationship with the IRS ."
    Heh - even as an auditor, for someone to admit that we, as a general populis, have a relationship with the IRS - a huge group of auditors - makes me feel even greasier - and yet I can feel their dark power calling out to me... man I feel like having some steak tar-tar now.
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    You mean the ones they send to me demanding money with menaces are for real?


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