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    FireFox extension unsigned


    I want to install the firefox extension: "User Agent Swicher 0.6.8" which can be downloaded here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/59/

    When i click on "Install Now" it says next to the file name "Unsigned" in red.

    I am suspicious because it says this extension is by Chris Pederick of http://chrispederick.com .

    My question is why do i get this alert saying this is "unsigned", is windows just warning me that the software is a non-microsoft download and maybe unsafe or is mozilla warning me that they dont have any resposibility for the content because it was posted by a 3rd party?.

    Could someone also explain to me why it is "Unsigned" and are there any risks in running this software even through it is listed on mozilla.org ?.

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    Hey Hey,

    It's Firefox reporting it, not Windows and it means that the extension isn't digitally signed... You can usually safely trust the extension if it's on the Mozilla website... most of them are unsigned.... Just be wary of random extensions you find on other websites..

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    I agree with HTRegz.

    Whenever I enter a site that I trust, even when there is no security certification present, it is my natural assumption that the contents and downloadables found thereat can be trusted. That is even if they are unsigned.

    The catch here is provided that said download is hosted directly by the trusted site. If the trusted site does not host the file in question but just points the URL link and I am not very familiar with latter, I'd shy away. Better be on the safe side of getting downloads...
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    the userswitcher extension that you want to download is perfectly safe, i've been using it for a little while to play with the code for another extension i'm building at the moment.
    There's nothing sneaky about it, so it's all good to install.


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