Ok normally i would try and do this on my own but everything keeps shutting down/crashing? to oftn to get any good results.

A roomate thinks there is a 'shell' being loaded on startup on my pc. My desktop icons regularly flash and refresh. Explorer wont stay open. House Call won't run. none of my av malware detectors stay open long enough to finish a scan.

Running xp pro sp2 fully updated

when i look at my system performance my cpu is always at 100% and my pagefile is over 500mb

my pagefile settings are max an min set at 256mb

also on startup there is something, not sure if bad or not just don't recognize, called geols31.exe running

i wish i could try and give more info but nothing wants to stay open or run as i said even in safe mode as admin.

if anyone can point me in the right direction to get more info for you guys please tell me what to do.