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Thread: networking 3 pc

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    networking 3 pc

    I have 3 computers conected with cat5 cable on netcomm 1300 adsl modem plus 4.
    Mine and each kid in their bedroom.
    Now how i can control them or configure them so i restrict them from my computer.?How i configure network so i can see their 2 pc?
    I set both pc so they are limited users anyway but interested in this 3 pc to be networked.
    All 3 have xp pro with sp2.

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    I could write a book on the steps to network 3 computers with security rights and settings. Because after you get the computers on the same network, you will want restrictions and other stuff too lengthy for a simple step by step discussion.

    So I point you to a site to learn the basics:

    After that, go here:
    Starting a Network
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    Hi buddy!

    Well this can either be fairly simple or fairly complicated depending on your circumstances!

    With this being a home network with just you and your kids, I take it you just want them to not be able to inadvertently do any damage, whilst using their PC's or be able to have access to your computer?

    If it was me and depending on how computer savy your kids are - the simplist way would be to log on to their PC's as admin and map any network drives in that you want them to have access to - so say each others, but leave yours off.

    Go on to your PC and map all drives in to it.

    When they are logged in as a limited user they are by default unable to map any network drives in or alter any permissions, hence they will be able to see each others shared stuff but not yours and you will be able to see everyones.

    Now, notice I said depending on how computer savy your kids are! There are ways around it and the admin password wont be safe on any of the boxs, so if your kids are in to this type of stuff you will need to look into other means of securing it!

    But like I said its just a home network for you and your kids so you will probably be better leaning towards functionality rather than security - I dont mean dismiss security all together but it doesn't have to be as tight as you can make it!
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    This tickled a nerve in me. I'm sorry to go off topic

    Our community has had a lot of scrutiny placed on internet security for young people lately and I'm reading some real luddite editorials in the paper.

    I have a home network, 3 pcs with one acting as the connection to the internet. Each of my teenagers (both 17) have admin access on all computers. My original concern was inadvertent file damage but in 4 years I'm the only guilty party in that. I control the internet not for content but for access time, I don't want any all nighters on school nights!

    My point comes as follows. Do you trust your children? Do you have an open relationship with them that if they found something disturbing or overwhelming on a computer or on the net do they trust you to discuss it with you?

    At some point in time your children will be managing their own lives. Will you give them that control all at once or will you gradually give it to them so that they can succeed or make minor mistakes and learn from them?

    There are some scary parents out there.

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    ty all for quick reply
    my kids are small so i dont fear they will misuse the pc just dont wont them to come accross some nasty stuff on nett.
    So at this stage its just for learning purpose.
    I agree twith fourdc that some parants are paranoid.
    but let me tell you i have been around to ""fix""some friends pc and stuff you come accross is embarising.Some of kids do misuse your trust and nett can be so nasty nowdays its not funny.
    especcially if parents have no clue about pc.
    thanks for your help

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