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    Since fuzzing is becoming more mainstream...

    Hey Hey,

    Given some recent chats I've had with people on fuzzers and some threads that have popped up lately, as well as the media attention they've recieved, I thought I'd post this for all interested...

    The guys that bring us the FunSec mailing list (an interesting list that takes security and just has a lot of fun humour chats... basically the off-topic list for IT people with the occasional tidbit of good news).. anyways.. they've brought us a new mailing list dedicated to fuzzing and fuzzers... Check it out @ http://www.whitestar.linuxbox.org/ma...stinfo/fuzzing... Not a lot yet (it's only been around for a couple of days, but the few posts have looked promising...

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    I'm surprised that with the rise in awareness of webserver security that tools like nikto haven't taken off.

    Nice read HT, thanks.

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