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    not able to set the refreash rate

    I am having trouble with my LCD(monitor).
    I have plugged in LG's L1750SQ, and I am running winXP professional, on pentium 4.
    I have graphic card also.
    the problem is that the refresh rate of the LCD is setted to default and there is too much flickering when i moved the windown on the screen.

    I did go to control panel>display>>settings>advanced>monitor.

    but the problem is that the properties button on that screen is disabled, and Screen Refresh Rate is set to "use default hardware settings".
    I am not able to change these settings.
    Any sort of help would be apprecisted.
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    Good Day,

    Generic drivers might do the trick most of the time or at least get us up and running. However for better performance you probably need the drivers specifically wriiten for your graphics card/monitor, etc. If you have an onboard graphics card the drivers can most likely be found with the installation CD that came with your Main Board. If it was an add-on, you can find them on the installation software that came with your card. If you didn't receive installation CDs, you can download your drivers online. I'd start first at the manufactures site for whatever hardware I was having an issue with. In this case I'd get them for the graphics card and the monitor. If that site doesn't have them or they are just too hard to find, you try an alternative site. One of those sites I am aware of is Drivers Planet

    Anyway make sure your have all the appropriate drivers required for your hardware.

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    What graphics card are you using???

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    Please give us the rest of your equipment details and settings

    Check your BIOS and see if you have an onboard video chipset still enabled.

    Make sure that you are connected to the physical outlet for the graphics card.

    Look in hardware and see that the device is reported as working "properly"

    Apart from "monitor" have a look in "adapter" (that is the graphics card) and see that it is showing the correct one and check the options there.

    Look at what your colour settings and resolution are...................set the resolution to 800x600 and see if that gives you more options.

    I doubt if you will get more than 75Hz refresh with a cheap LCD screen

    As suggested, make sure that you have all the latest drivers for your videocard and monitor.

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