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    No more POC from K-Otik

    From k-otik.org:
    In conformity with applicable French laws prohibiting Full-disclosure, the FrSIRT will no longer distribute exploits and PoCs on its public web site.
    Public exploits section has thus been definitively closed.

    Exploits and PoCs are available to FrSIRT VNS™ subscribers only.
    French Law or Captitalism? Either way, there wont be anymore free distribution of PoC code from that very popular site.

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    Hey Hey,

    K-otik has been FrSIRT for ages now... and they stopped releasing exploits like a month ago... so this is actually old news... There's still milw0rm, and whatever finds it's way to packetstorm...

    In reality though... why do people need this PoC's and exploits.... The people that use them (for legit use) are Sys Admins, Network Admins, Security Analysts, etc... Their companies should be able to afford the iDefense Service, FrSIRT service or the Secunia service... if not... there are still plenty of places left to hurt..

    Yes it's a shame that the french government is doing stuff like this... but it's fairly old news that they were doing it... You can prolly dig up a thread or two in cosmos on it..

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