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    Taking the next step

    I've been working on learning programming for awhile now, and have gotten proficient at C++. I've read a few books, and taken every available class at my high school. My problem is, I can't make the transition from programming to learn to programming something useful. Can anyone help me break past this plateau? Thanks,
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    My suggestion would be this: go up to your local college and ask to speak to the career center, even if you arent enrolled they should be able to point you towards the correct advisor or the right direction to take with your career.
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    What are you passionate about when it comes to computers? "Other than programming... what do you do on your computer?"

    For me it's networking and security... so when I wanted to apply what I'd learned, I wrote a port scanner...

    In highschool I wanted something lean like notepad but with the functionality modify fonts.. so I wrote a small editor that served the function...

    Sure there are plenty of port scanners and editors out there... but this allowed me to apply my knowledge and program something useful.

    Or fill a need.... At my last job I was frequently text messaging my gf during the day... Using the cell phone was too slow, and going to the website was a bother, so I wrote a small .vbs file that would prompt with a textbox for the message and then send it directly to her.. (via the website)...

    That's the best way to get started... do think about jumping into something big right off the bat.. just fill a need or create something that you can actually use..

    Also if someone else gives you something to program... if it's not something you're interested in, then you won't be eager to work towards programming it... however if you find something that you enjoy, you'll want to complete the software.

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