My first computer was an IBM XT. 4mhz of speed,640k base memory,running the Dos operating system and later windows 3.1 which was a nice graphical interface at the time.I knew the Dos commands well and even play the basic program that came with dos at the time.Back then I would log onto BBS boards and play a game called Red Dragon(texted based game).First photo editing program I download was a Shareware version of paint shop pro.It was a great program then and still is.When I first connected to the internet was with a shell programand eveything was texted base still .Before long differnt graphic broswers started to become avalable.Much everything was free for the downinging.I was real happy when Netscape showed up.. I felt it was one the best free broswers.Now years later here I am,but I do not feel that I have the knowledge I once had for today's computers and internet.I am sorry about my spelling and grammer so if you must flame me for that,then so be it.I do hunger once again to know the hows and the whys.I do not care much for those call themsleves hackers just because they the download and program or virus to load it onto others but I do have a great respect for those who push the limits of computer,network,programing and internet knowledge and seek to learn from them because I must know.