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    I just hope there isn't any Mafia geek kid out there reading these posts just to tell his God father( they still have em).I had some little experiance with ahhhh, the family types.Best to respect and keep far away from em...
    If Knownledge is power,then would total knowledge be total power and who would be a god or a lesser?

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    Well in my case, I would welcome them to visit with open arms (and a nice warm cell).

    Besides, there is no such thing as the mafia. Heh.
    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
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    why are people so stupid?
    Money makes everything legal.

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    Hey sikkest, When the dates are flashing above the post, that means they are old. Let it die man, let the thread die. Just something to watch out for.
    The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool - Good Ole Bill Shakespeare

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    Internet & Mafia HAT (nastudio)

    I have been lobbying Russian authorities and international organisations for over two years in an effort to get a St. Petersburg sex slavery business closed with no success (mailing list). They are involved in human trafficking, torture, child abuse, murder, and kidnapping and forced prostitution. Worryingly they are closely allied with pornography businesses worldwide. I can't speak for the conduct of these, but they seriously need to be investigated.
    When I decided to leave England to walk a pilgrimage to Jerusalem I could find no good in my life, and wanted to leave it all behind me. I took this as being my 'call'. I was to leave from England, but it came to be that I had to fly to St. Petersburg Russia first. To try to help a number of imprisoned girls. I had heard that the streaming webcam 'cam girl' market had been cornered by Russian mafia, who were using captives. I visited some of these websites, and although the girls are monitored closely, was able to establish that this was indeed the case. I gathered what information I could, sold up, and in April 2004 travelled to a St. Petersburg address I had been able to identify. I would see what I could do to help in the Lord's name which would both ensure eventual success and my safety (still breathing). Since St. Petersburg is roughly the same distance to Israel as England, I would walk from there.
    There were two front entrances to Nastudio 11-17 Vishnevskogo ul. The left leading to a reception area, office and rooms above. The right with passcode keypad and intercom system inside was a lift and a staircase. I was allowed in after stating that I wanted to spend some time with a girl, although I was asked what flat number and couldn't say. A short distance up the staircase, past some flats with heavy metal security doors of a standard you'd expect on a large safe, there was one with a spy-hole. Inside was a heavily built man. This is the man whose job it was to beat, flog, electrocute girls caught speaking of their captivity to outsiders. He was oddly wary of me. In retrospect I think he had been warned I may be coming. I know there are girls amongst them who are rewarded in someway for informing, and Im pretty sure word got back to them. I was assured that everything was O.K. and I should wait outside. I was left waiting for three hours, when I went back to my hotel.
    Over the next few weeks I observed. Girls were being taken under escort between Nastudio and a number of large buildings in the surrounding area at various times of day and night. Mostly in the evening. America provides the core market for pornographic webcams. The extra activity was no doubt to coincide with peak times there. Transfer was carried out on the half hour, when lookouts would appear in the surrounding streets. any suspicious activity in the streets and the transfer was aborted to the following half hour. Sometimes a man or woman with a dog was sent across the street first for added security. This was supposed to stop them running, but looking at the soppy old dog, it was more likely a bluff than a serious threat. However if the girls try to run the lookouts converge on them. They are stabbed and taken inside, where they occasionally die as a result. An ambulance was used to taxi people to and from the old building on the North corner of Vishnevskogo ul.
    In between webcam performances the girls are used as prostitutes and to Spam internet chatrooms with links to pornographic websites. This spamming is also carried out by those monitoring them. It is sometimes the case that one will fall pregnant as a result of the enforced unprotected prostitution. They will continue to work on various streaming webcam sites through advanced pregnancy. there is a market for this kind of thing. What happens to a child raised in captivity by ruthless pornographers? I know they are involved in trafficking. It may be they are sold on at some point. I can't say, it is a more closely guarded secret.
    Making this information known has caused big problems for me. I ended work in St. Petersburg when I caught someone coming up on me from behind as I left my hotel. This man showed up again at my internet cafe in Warsaw. Since then I have been hounded on my travels by not only Russians, but their European friends and ordinary people along my route who were being paid to call them when they saw me. I had to walk most of Poland over rough ground.
    Now I am in England, and they are still showing up. When I have written to Russian authorities and international organisations it is usually just a matter of a few days before my location at the time of posting is passed to the criminals. I began with a letter to a Russian newspaper, a senator and a governor. Then the president. Then I made up the mailing list I have sent you. It's been a total disgrace. It seems nobody has had either the will or the power to be able to close this place down. After about a year I got a fob-off reply form the St. Petersburg department of tourism. which said that the matter had been investigated by a department of the police, who couldn't prove anything, so they stopped. However the fact that I gave them the locations of the, captives, who were never taken for questioning means there can have been no serious investigation. This is no surprise to me. Russia is having huge corruption problems. During my four weeks stay I had my wallet stolen by police, and was extorted from by police in a separate incident. This business is big money for them. Paying off police, officials and having me chased around Europe has not been too big an expense for them. What usually seems to happen when I write is that the information is passed on until it reaches a corrupt authority, which does nothing. Something needs to be done to pressure the Russian government into doing something. Right now I am trying the media, that shame might cause them to address the problem. An internet search with the Nastudio address will reveal business addresses all over the world allied to these people. A proper investigation might save more suffering than we are currently aware of.
    I cannot offer you an email address by which to speak to me, they have been continually compromised and abused. Please don't accept further mail from this temporary one . Although you might try speaking with me during this internet session, over the next half hour or so. Investigation on the internet should be done only with the highest possible security. Please try to help. It's worth mentioning that they know I am speaking out right now and will be more cautious than usual.
    Keith Jones


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