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    Feedback request on a new security app.

    There is a new security related application called Realtime Application Security. It restricts applications to only those who have been given access to them (dynamically, without using NTFS permissions). It has been out for a couple months now. I would like to get feedback regarding this product...i.e. Have you ever used it? Does it work well? etc. etc. There are some screen shots on the products page, also.

    Here is the link:


    Thank you for your help.

    (I posted this in the security news forum because I wan't sure where it should go. Also, I figured it would be news to those who haven't heard of the product.)

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    They offer a free demo download on their site. Have you tried it out yourself?

    I'm usually a bit leery of products like this. Most of them add a GUI front end to native permissions and fall into the category of bloatware.

    I approach problems based on requirements. If the native ACLs don't meet the requirements, then I will look at other options. I rarely use "bolt on" security tools that may actually introduce additional security issues, more so than those that are supposed to be solved.

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    I can't say that I like the concept.............it suggests that you do not need a security policy and to configure that in your system.

    It suggests to me that if it gets taken out, it would leave you wide open.......................

    OK maybe in a SOHO type environment, but there is no substitute for the real thing

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    Thank you very much for the tips guys.

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    Nihil says, I'm usually a bit leery of products like this.
    theHorse13 neighs, I can't say that I like the concept
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