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    funny, old, crappy joke

    Just heard this one and thought it was funny

    Q: What do Santa Claus and Michael Jackson have in common?

    A: They both enter little boys rooms and come out with empty sacks!!

    I know its probably old but oh well

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    Reminds me of when the England soccer team were having a particularly torrid time. They had lost to some useless part timers due to a number of fundametal errors by their goalkeeper (Peter Shilton)

    Q: What do Peter Shilton and Michael Jackson have in common?

    A: Both wear gloves for no apparent reason

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    Oh my i've heard the first one a few times, but it's still able to make myself laugh uncontrollabley.
    And the second one, well never heard it before, but i do remember seing that game. If memory serves correctly that is.


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