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    Credit cards and email: Seriously Worrying

    When typing some emails for my boss recently, I was alarmed to find a request for a credit card number. I consulted him and made him aware of the security risk involved, however he assured me that everyone was doing it and that it was safe. I told him that people with physical access to the machines at the internet service provider could easily access these numbers as the emails were unencrypted. He told me to include other options such as ph/fax that the customer could optionally use. As I previously said, there are many people doing this. How can we make people understand that unencrypted email is completely insecure?
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    I suppose you could set up a demonstration with a packet sniffer for people in your own organization.
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    How can we make people understand that unencrypted email is completely insecure?
    When their bank account has been emptied and their credit card used to purchase child pornography, they will probably take the hint.

    When you log into an online store, why does it take you to a secure connection? to make payment.

    Why does your system put up a warning message when you are about to send data over an insecure connection? (unless you disable it)

    This may help, as would a telephone call to their bank or credit card customer services department.


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    There are a number of ways to get this message across. An effective awareness program would be beneficial to your organization.

    Do things like posters, pencils and other novelties. Believe it or not, these low cost approaches do the job nicely.

    Please note that awareness is not the same as training.

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    Nice little discussion on email from a banking site:

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    Have you considered using one of these?

    Works every time for me!

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