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    Working for Microsoft


    From the read doesn't sound like a bad place to work. Last year I Had a guy that graduated from my college come and talk about his job. He worked at Microsoft most of the things in the article confirm to what he was saying. Anyway... It's an interesting read.

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    Microsoft, God love em, is still in a "right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" syndrome.

    Small case in point;
    For the last two years, and yesterday, I received calls from Microsoft asking if I'd like to join the OEM system builders or Partners program.
    My company is a member of both programs.

    Then they call asking if I'd like to subscribe to such-N-such service.
    Ahem...I'm already a member.

    I don't get it, it doesn't sound like a call center calling but maybe it is. If it is a call center why can't Microsoft get me off the list since I've been a member for about 5 years and an official reporting beta tester for Win98, ME and Server2003??. (I no longer beta test for them, you would not believe the reports you have to fill out and they want consistent testing, not just when you feel like it.)

    In my yearly update agreement I always checkmark the "You can email me but don't call" box.

    Don't they know me by now? IT'S ME, MAN...DAVE..!!!
    Beta tester of "0"s and "1"s"

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