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OK...................you asked:

1. Resource hog.
2. Incompatibility
3. Conflicts
4. Deadly embraces
5. Instability
6. Expensive
7. Crap/nonexistent support
8. Difficult to properly get rid of

Those issues are important to private and SOHO users because they are going to have to get someone to fix their box. They won't understand the problem let alone how to fix it. Small OEMs don't like it for that reason also...............we have to fix it at our expense.

I can understand corporates moving away from it as well. If you have properly implemented security policies it is probably too invasive. There is also the price consideration as well.

Brokencrow and Nihil said it best and gave top notch advice.

I'm not sure but to the list of Nihil I would add 9. Slows computer down horribly. Unless this was meant by Resource Hog (I was thinking of high memory usage).

Some people run Norton and say "Hey, it works well for me", so I respond "Try this test, completely uninstall Norton, then run thru your programs again, seems like a whole new machine doesn't it?" The response from the client usually is: As soon as it expires, I'm dumping this dog."

Realize that if Symantec made GREAT software, we'd tell you about it. But Symantec buys the software companies out, tries recoding it, relabels it, and sells it. There is only one product that I know Symantec didn't screw up and that was PC Anywhere.

While I remember, I have one old client and one new client both running Norton. Old client runs Norton Corporate with latest updates, the other runs Norton Internet Security 2005?.
Both of them got their computers and network severly infected, so I updated their Norton and rebooted and scanned and scanned and scanned. Norton comes back "Duh....there's nuthin' dere boss...nuthin' dere!" Yeah right!
Remove drives and run in an enclosure with NOD32 or Panda and 'lo and behold' the little nasties are all over the place. That IS VIRUS and SPYWARE. When I got done cleaning up one network I was over $700 richer.
I would never recommend Norton anything!
But if you have it, I say "stay with it and take my card."