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    Question Dvorak keyboard?

    Wondering if anyone has a dual keyboard setup?
    Qwerty and Dvorak.

    Does anyone here use the Dvorak setup MOSTLY?

    If so, how do you like it, how does it help you and how long does it take me to learn it?

    Also, are there any caveats about using it? Say...software that doesn't recognize it.

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    Dont use one myself....but have a couple of users that do due to problems with thier wrists.

    It is supposed to help.

    You have to edit a reg key...so t works on boot...because the problem we had is the driver wouldnt load til you logged in.....which was pretty hard when all the letters are mixed up.

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    not a Dvorak
    just a 'natural' keyboard, got a curved board .........

    am interested in getting one as I find the angle you have to hold your wrists at to be a tad painful after a few hours

    any reason for you wanting one ?
    and dual booting KEYBOARDS

    a touch overgeek

    wouldn't P'n'P with USB do the job ?
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