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    Who are you leasing your computers from?

    This seems to be the trend now a days, so I figured a lot of you all are doing this for your companies. I've been leasing from Dell and I'm now looking at Toshiba. It's hard to compare the companies because they don't specify what their lease rates are.

    I've also heard of LLC's that I can lease equipment through. Haven't looked into it yet, but it sounds like I find the equipment and then the lease goes through them.

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    I know people who do it with IBM and HP but I don't know the details.............can't really ask either because of professional confidence?

    Interesting concept though, particularly depending on your business sector?

    For example, after 3 years they take the stuff back and give you new..................who is then responsible for the potential disclosure of confidential data that the equipment might contain.

    A lot would depend on your amortization (depreciation) concessions for tax relief as well?

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    who is then responsible for the potential disclosure of confidential data that the equipment might contain.
    You would need to ensure that you have secure disposal of data as part of your contract with any leasing company. That could drive up the cost quite a lot.
    We buy here, from HP at the moment and Dell previously. Machines are disposed of through a specialist 3rd party.

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    Ive just finished a short contract with Tetra Pak, they used to lease all their equipment from dell, but then Dell went and changed their Docking Stations for all the laptops and stopped supporting the old ones, with effectivley meant that the company had to buy new laptops to fit the new docking stations.

    They wern't too happy about it but they bought the new ones anyways, but then about 2 months afterwards Dell changed the docking stations yet again!

    So Tetra just dropped Dell and went with HP. In the deal they worked out with them, HP have taken over most of the Servers, Back-ups, printers, desktops, laptops ,infastructure, routers and switches.

    There is about 3 or 4 servers for Tetra Pak to look after and a few back-up machines but that is it. They arent allowed to touch the HP servers and Backup machines except for changing the tapes.
    As for the desktops, laptops they can do basic 1st line maintenance and rebuilds but that is it.

    On the surface of it, it does seem a bit restrictive but when, say a laptop goes **** up, HP are there either the same day or early the next day with a replacment or if something goes wrong with the servers they will come out at any time of the day to sort them out.

    Im not sure excatly how much this costs them but I have heard it is a 6 figure sum which looks after every site they have in the world!
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    We're not paying Dell to service our workstations or servers, just leasing the equipment from them. I know there's a plan though, but we decided not to go for it. So far we've decided on buying out the fair market value lease each time the lease expires. If we decide not to keep it, then we would most likely format the drives with either wipe disk or a utility off of Ultimate Book Disk.

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    I used to lease 30+ boxes etc from HP, but in the end i got tired of having to have there dumb technbicians coming in on a daily basis fixing there tired machines.
    so i just got a bank loan and custom built a heap of boxes and haven't looked back since.
    A few hardware updates here and there and it's all sweet.

    But i guess those bigger companies would be waay better of just leasing there systems as the cost to custom build so many machines would just be waay to expensive in the end, and at least with leasing you get newer system's replacing the older systems so that would be a bonus i guess..


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