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    Question my computer changes my external dvd burner to a storage drive and I cant use it

    Hi I recently up graded my computer to XP (from ME). When I connect my usb external DVD burner (mad dog) it works fine for about 2-3 days and then suddenly my computer recognizes it as a storage mass device. When I try to look for the drivers that were used before within XP I canít find it. Does any one know where those drivers are on XP, or any software that may help ???

    Mad Dog has drivers but they donít seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas ?

    Thank you for your help
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    If it worked, and suddenly doesn't it probably is not a driver problem

    My first move would be to uninstall the device in <control panel>, <hardware> (make sure that you have disconnected it first....................................)

    Then power down and reboot. Windows should then detect it as it did the first time.

    USB devices can be unpredictable, I believe in physically dismounting them in the software if possible, and certainly making sure that they have "finished what they were doing" before disconnecting them.

    This sort of problem also happens with thumb drives and modems

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