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    Computer will not boot!!!!

    I have a 5150 dell laptop, which i run windows xp home on. Today i get back from eating and find that my screen has gone black so I try what I always try to get the screen back on. It didn't work this time so i simple just shut the computer down by holding in the power button. When I try to restart simply nothing is happening, just a blank screen with a under scroll in the top left hand corner. Not even the BIOS is booting up. Thx to anyone that is able to help..

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    are the fans even turning on? hard drive clicking? you mean there is NO NOISE at all? first things first re-seat all your cables to your monitor and computer and see if that fixes the problem if not get back to me.
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    so I try what I always try to get the screen back on. It didn't work this time
    What might that be? also what you say implies that this has been happening frequently, is that true?

    It sounds like a hardware failure to me............do you get any screen activity or BIOS beeps when you do a cold boot?

    Is it the same with mains and with battery?

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    Unplug the powercable and remove the battery, leave it like this for a minute or 2..
    Plug the power back in and switch it on..

    Hookup an external display and see if that shows anything..
    Play with Fn + F8 to switch from internal to external and back..
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    This sounds like you may have a bad stick of RAM onboard. Many times when RAM goes south, the box/laptop won't even post.

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    just a blank screen with a under scroll in the top left hand corner.
    I take it this means that there is an Underscore or a flashing or steady line (DOS type Curser) in the top left corner..?
    If so.. mention has been mad of memory as well has the mention of completly powering down the machine..
    Here is the undies order of business:
    Complete power down.. as already recommended
    While this is happening.. Remove and TEST the BIOS/CMOS Battery.
    Oh and reseat the RAM Module while your at it (if there are 2 sticks remove one)

    If the lappy has been living its life with very long ON and very short OFF cycles it would pay to check the cooling areas.. cpu fan..etc.. you may have a cooked cpu or mobo..

    But lets start where we need to..
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    But lets start where we need to..
    And that is....

    Make sure you don't have either a floppy inserted or a USB device plugged in.

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