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    Newbie questions

    Why do we have a Newbie Security Questions forum? Generally every newbie question can be answered by using a search engine, and what ends up happening is people ask a question and they are told to google for the answer. So why don't we either make the link to the Newbie Security Questions Forum redirect to google, or actually answer the questions regardless of whether or not they can be answered by searching?

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    We have it to make the newbs think we actually care lol no really.... I have no idea... at this point im just pulling stuff out my ass sorry to waste a post im bored
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    there are not many (here or anywhere else) that have total knowledge about every aspect of the security field. it's a very large field. at least posting a question in the newbie section says stright out "i dont have much knowledge in this area and could use some help....and its probably a basic question for those who do" .

    of course those who have no knowldge in this area will say "google it" and that way pretend they're elite without even trying. of course avoiding not giving a real answer is understandable concidering the emense volume of real security questions that we do have to answer here these days.
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    For the most part ( exceptions may apply ) I don't think members ask a person to google because they don't necessarily know themselves or are trying to be p@i#ks...

    I think it's about ' effort '...I've googled for a lot of people since I've been here and sometimes you have to dig, and sometimes it's just one link away...so...

    when newbies come on here and ask a question, and the perception is they haven't even tried to look for it themselves...people are more reluctant to help them because they're unwilling to even help themselves.

    It gives the impression they want someone else to do the work for them.

    Personally, I'm more inclined to help someone and take the time to look for the answer myself if it seems the person actually put in some effort on their own.


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    The way I look at it is the person asking the question does not have much of an idea of what the problem is?

    If they knew that , they would be able to google the answer themselves? They just need some help in defining their question?

    just my take on it

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    i usually take a question as maybe the user has not been entering the correct search word. Or they now what they want to look for but don't know what to search word would be used.
    Or that they are not confident enough to do proper google searches and post there question here as we are all meant to be computer enthusiasts/professionals etc and should be able to provide many answers for the 1 question thus giving the user many avenues that can be used to solve there question, problem etc etc. A lot faster then they would searching incorrectly on google.

    but then again i've always liked to help others out, even if it means taking 1day or 2days typing search after search into google to find the relevant answer or a site that has a similar answer.


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    Good Morning,

    I was/am occasionally one of the - "hey, the google button is right next to the Enter Key", and sometimes that's appropriate. But for the majority of the inquiries, they deserve a good answer with the source or at least lead them to the information. I'm sure we all ask questions that may have been answered by some serious googling, however to save time we toss it to our friends in the forums. The complexity of the question will vary with the knowledge of the individual and maybe that's what drives some of the questions anyway. To the inquirer, it may very well be a complex issue.

    We do have a fountain of knowledge. Gotta admit that sometimes a few of us provided some brown water instead of sparklets, However unless I have been on another planet lately, things are pretty doggone good in here.

    Also I venture to say we have some youngin's creating accounts for the purpose of asking questions. I wouldn't want them learning some new language skills or thinking our boxers/panties are binding us up; when all they wanted was to know was how a swap file functions.

    Now, how to ask questions...that's the problem area for them!

    Oh well, think I'll go google up some coffee.

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    Re: Newbie questions

    Originally posted here by h3r3tic
    Why do we have a Newbie Security Questions forum?
    For Noobs, like me.

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    For myself I believe, a lot of those who gravitate to the newbie question forum to ask questions are most likely "new" to the forum world period, and use this forum to sort of break the ice,test the waters?

    You can tell mostly by the question asked and the context in which it is phrased or put...also a lot of newbies are probably unsure what "exact" forum their question should be put, I am sure they lurk for a bit then try to decide if their problem fits into a certain forum, see that they are unsure and so post in the newbie question forum.

    I don't particularly always mention "google" unless it is to support my response, in other words my response may have a better answer at the place referenced with google...(i.e. Analysing Highjack Logs, I will always refer to those sites which do them daily).

    It's the same as "RTFM" responses that Op's usually get in their quest for an answer, if the individual responding doesn't have the time to respond positively and declares that the Op should "google" or "RTFM" then why bother responding at all? All you are doing is presenting AO in a negative light (sorry Neg for using your name in vain ).

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    Cool. I'm not even sure why I posted this thread. I think all my questions were rhetorical and I meant "Newbie questions are for the most part going to be answered by google. So since we have the forum, actually post an answer rather than telling them to google. Otherwise, the forum is pointless." But that statement isn't entirely accurate as Tedob1 pointed out. So basically, ignore this thread. I think we're doing a decent job and "google it" posts will be inevitable.

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